Understand Students' Digital Life with this FREE test

DFi – 2018-10-31

What does Digital Futures Initiative stand for? One of the key things we do is to find and curate the best content from all over the world and package it for our instructor’s use - keeping it current and best-in-class.  As part of this, we joined forces with DQ Institute last year to bring their program for elementary age students, DQWorld.net, to the United States as the official launch partner and we are proud to continue the relationship.  

In collaboration with the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD), Nanyang Technology University (NTU) and other world leading universities, DQ Institute released a new test that is designed to understand the digital lives of our students from their screen time habits, to their knowledge of digital issues such as digital footprints, to their exposure to specific cyber-risks. This is an international effort and a great way to baseline your class or your child individually.

The Test takes students across 8 basic areas of digital intelligence (DQ): screen time management, privacy management, cyberbullying management, digital citizen identity, digital footprint management, cyber security management, critical thinking management, critical thinking, and digital empathy.

To ensure privacy standards are met, we encourage teachers and instructors to use random, in-class naming conventions like the student’s meal ID, “SmithClass1,2,3,4,5,6," etc. Do not use actual student names.

You can access the test here for FREE: www.DQTest.org

The test is multiple choice, administered online, and takes approximately 20-30 minutes. Upon completion, DFI Instructors / Classroom Teachers / Parents will receive a DQ Score Card displaying their students' average preliminary DQ Scores and how their exposure to cyber-risks compare to national and global averages.

Give it a try in the next month before we turn off the testing in late November. This will give you a baseline of results so you can better understand how your students are managing in a digital world.


Students taking computer-based test